Welcome to Travel Talk Café!

I created Travel Talk Café for a few reasons, but mainly as a creative outlet where I can share things about travel. My goal is to provide an assortment of travel info and travel advice. Things like reviews, observations, opinions, travel tips, and maybe even the odd interview. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and there will be info here that is useful to you. To better understand where and how my travel experience and opinions developed, check out the About page.

Here’s how to navigate the site, and what you’ll find under each menu heading:

Home – you’re here right now, of course… and reading my introduction!

About – where you’ll find a quick intro to myself. What I’ve been doing for 20 plus years and how I feel about travelling. You can also find out how to contact me here as well, though I have comments open on most pages and definitely encourage you to leave one! All I ask is you keep it respectful, clean and honest.

Café Talk – the blog! I’m still new to blogging so I hope you’ll take it easy on me for now! Besides the odd personal ‘what I’m up to’ this is where we talk. Or I talk and you listen (read). Topics will vary and I’ll change it up a bit each post. You’ll find this is where I post mostly the things I mention up above. I may add reviews, or a variation of them, as well as opinion pieces, interviews, and good old travel advice.

Destinations – Just the places I’ve been. I’ll share some basic info on the destinations themselves (I’m not a guide book and couldn’t possibly do as great a job as they do I’m sure!) But I’ll add what I can and you can follow links to my other pages and reviews.

In Search Of – okay, so this is where I’ll tell you about something I sought out. Sometimes I go looking for things, like a beach, or a church, or a gravestone! I like touristy things, but I also like those quirky things you see somewhere or hear about.

Reviews – Resort reviews, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, attraction reviews. You get the idea, I do something or stay somewhere, and tell you if I liked it, or not. Sometimes things are just … meh. Sometimes they’re great! But isn’t it great when someone can tell you in an advance if that tour is worth the 20 per person? You can still do it, of course, but at least you were warned! These will be on the blog as well, but you can cut right to the good stuff if you prefer by coming to Reviews.