Welcome to Travel Talk Café!

I created Travel Talk Café for a few reasons, but mainly as a creative outlet where I can share things about travel. I plan to provide an assortment of travel info and advice: reviews, observations, opinions, travel tips, interviews, blog about my own travels.

What’s on the menu:

Home – you’re here right now…  reading my introduction!

About – A little bit about me. What I’ve been doing for 20 plus years and how I feel about travelling.

Café Talk – the blog! I’m still new to blogging so I hope you’ll take it easy on me for now! Besides the personal ‘what I’m up to’ posts, this is where we talk, maybe while sipping a latte? I’ll add reviews (or a variation of them), opinion pieces, interviews, travel advice, etc. Comments are open and I encourage you to leave one! All I ask is you keep it respectful, clean and honest.

Destinations – Just the places I’ve been. I’ll share some basic info on the destinations themselves (I’m not a guide book and couldn’t possibly do as great a job as they do I’m sure!).

Reviews – Resort reviews, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, attraction reviews. You get the idea, I do something or stay somewhere, and tell you if I liked it, or not. Sometimes things are just … meh. Sometimes they’re great. Know before you go!