Hanging Out at Home — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Gail, we are definitely blessed to live where we do in the country, especially at this time. Having plenty of space around us we can at least get outside which many couldn’t. I have spent a good amount of time in recent weeks spring cleaning as I awaited warmer weather. With the stay at home order, it seems like our lives revolved around the next meal, so needless to say I have been doing a lot of cooking. We had planned a weekend getaway to Yarmouth in April with friends but needless to say that was postponed but hopefully we’ll get to go at a later date.
    I enjoyed reading how you all spent this time, take care…?

  2. Wow,the trails are awesome. We have been fortunate to have had such nice weather. And although I miss traveling ( I would have been to Calgary by now and to the mountains and going to Toronto soon). It has been peaceful and somewhat relaxing . Unless you are in the grocery store line. But I have learned to be content with what I have. We have been enjoying our yard again with some gardening being done. I love doing crafts and spend time enjoying that. Rediscovering things I forgot I had. Lol. ( also my house should be spotless right ) ? And except needing hair cuts alls well . So let’s get out there and enjoy the weather !

  3. I am a travel writer as well and the trend this summer is “Road Trip Vacation”. I am enjoying exploring my local area but then I live in a beautiful place, the Pacific Northwest. Can’t wait to get out and travel again.

  4. Quarantine has been really hard for my family as well, because we too love to travel! And with a couple of graduations this spring we had big travel plans that had to be cancelled unfortunately. However we have been having fun gardening, binge watching shows together as a family, lots of cooking and taking pretty drives and walks.

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