The Toy Factory is actually a store! It’s so unique in its offerings, I feel it deserves attraction status.
Located on Route 13 in New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island is where you’ll find this gem of a child’s toy store. I’ve passed by this store dozens of times over the years and never visited. A stop here wasn’t planned, but we were feeling spontaneous.

It’s a unique looking store, a white house built in the late 1800s, decorated outside with various ‘toys’, like a dinosaur and a nutcracker. My aunts both have younger grandchildren and were keen to look around. I have driven by this store and thought I should stop, but never had. So now was the time!

View of  The Toy Factory from Across the Road
View of The Toy Factory from Across the Road

Where it all Began

A man named Al opened the toy store in 1972. He made his own wooden toys for his grandchildren and was encouraged to open a store and share his creations with others.
In the 1990s, Al retired but not before finding a replacement to take over the toy store. Dan and Kathy Viau took over and continue to make handcrafted wooden toys to this day. They also carry other unique toys and collectibles that promote creative and fun play.

What’s Inside

Wooden Toys In the Toy Factory
Wooden Toys In the Toy Factory

The Toy Factory carries lots of toys for all ages. It’s a real live Santa’s Workshop too, so to speak. The owners design and make original wooden toys, as well as bring in lots of other toys and play items to sell. They have a workshop in the back of the building.

There are books and puzzles, dress-up costume items for imaginative play and many more things of this nature. There are tumbled gemstones and figurines and collectibles.

Location, Location

Toy Castles and Play Sets
Toy Castles and Play Sets

The Toy Factory is located at 5607 Hwy 13, New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island. It’s near several other local businesses and restaurants, and not too far away from the resort area and attractions of Cavendish.
Being a 20-25 minute drive from Charlottetown, if you have a rental vehicle it’s easily within range.
The Toy Factory has a website and you can order online. For more info check out their site!

Final Thoughts

My kids are older now, so I’m not as likely to shop here for them. Had I found this store when they were younger I definitely would have! Having said that, I still loved looking around here and seeing the unique and fun items they make and carry.
If you’re travelling with your children you should plan a stop here for some fun. The kids will love it, and you might too.

I managed to take several pictures, and without people even! The day we visited was a busy day and the parking lot was full. The store was actually full of people. The only things missing were Santa’s Elves! Enjoy the pictures…


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